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sleep // flatsound

this is where I die - I thought i was the best part of your life


Cafe Racer Design Source
Yamaha SR400 @caferacerdesign

Mini terrariums

Each is around 2”x2”

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The Story So Far | Rally Cap

I’ve got nothing in common with anything, anymore.

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Anonymous asked:
I'm not LDS, but most of my close friend circle and boyfriend are. Good morals, those kids!

I can relate. I’ve basically grown up around them since early elementary school. Very loving people!

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Stoked and Broke - FIDLAR

I just wanna get really high,
Smoke weed until I die,
I don’t ever wanna get a job,
If I fucked up today, hey, nothing’s wrong.

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Sunny Day Real Estate | Grendel

the rain was there to wash away my tears
i wanted to be them but instead i destroyed myself.

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