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The fakes they change and crash like waves. The worms come in droves but only when it rains. Put them back in the ground.

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And I hope someday we meet again.
Under different circumstances, maybe, maybe just as friends.
Because as lovers, I shattered you.
And even though you’ll never see it,
Picking up the pieces cut my hands up too.

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??? this is so good right


road trippin’

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Balance and Composure-Defeat the Low

Take that head of yours and stick it through the clouds.

You’ve been buried underneath our world with all your selfish doubt.

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At Cavanaugh Park 
Where I used to think 
That this life would be good
And I would do things 
That I thought that I should 
And no one’s going to tear me down 

One of the most nostalgic songs of all time for me.

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"oh my love, if I could just find you tonight…”

Ugh. This song.


Sunset on old logging roads in Shelton, Washington